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Weight Loss Programs - Fremont, CA

In Fremont, start experiencing weight loss programs specifically designed for you. Yes, Active MBV is the answer for all your weight loss concerns. Get fit and look great with our personalized weight loss treatments which are safe, effective & medically supervised.

The key to achieving and sustaining weight loss with minimal discomfort lies in discovering the right weight loss program specifically for you. We make that possible by getting to know your body´s composition, your habits, and your attitude about weight and dieting. With these well understood, we recommend one of our several programs, all of which combine weight loss and nutrition. All include our AC Complex nutritional supplements. The programs include: the Medifast Diet Plan; the My Victory Weight Loss Program; the U-Lite Pre-Diabetes Reversal and Prevention Program; and our program of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Hcg) For Weight Loss.

Our founders, Kenneth Rebong, M.D. and Marie Anson-Rebong, M.D. at Active Mind & Body Vitality Center LLC had a vision to create a medical spa facility in Fremont that provides rejuvenation treatments for your whole body. Our facility and practices afford you a wide range of comprehensive services, all focused on achieving and sustaining your well-being. To get started schedule a Free Consultation or call us at, toll free, 877-992-2848.

You get complete support in your weight loss program, at every step as you work toward your goal, and beyond. Our aim is to be your partner in achieving wellness, and reaching your optimum weight is part of that. When we recommend one of our weight loss programs for you, we make sure that you know in detail what it contains, what to expect in the process of lowering your weight-including the psychological effects and how your program interacts with other wellness treatments you may be undertaking. We´re there for you, making your weight loss regimen as comfortable and rewarding as can be.

Here are some facts about Fremont that you might know already
Fremont is the home to the largest concentration of Afghans in the United States. There were 60,000 Afghans in Fremont in 1996. In addition, Fremont has a notable concentration of South Asians, predominantly employed in Silicon Valley's technology sector. Ardenwood is a regional historic landmark in Fremont. Open in 1985 to the general public, the entire park includes a farm, a large forest and a mansion now called the Patterson House which was first constructed in 1857 by the farm's original owner, George Washington Patterson.



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