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IV Nutrition - Palo Alto, CA

Are you looking for an IV Intravenous and detoxification treatment in Palo Alto, activembv is the best choice for you. We use Intravenous nutrition (IV Nutrition)-a method of injecting vitamins, minerals, and other naturally therapeutic substances directly into your bloodstream-as a highly effective way elevate the levels of vital nutrients in your blood.

Introducing nutrients this way has been shown in the scientific literature to be effective in treating certain conditions, including Asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, HIV Infection, Hypertension, and Parkinson's Disease.

Our founders, Kenneth Rebong, M.D. and Marie Anson-Rebong, M.D. at Active Mind & Body Vitality Center LLC had a vision to create a medical spa facility that provides rejuvenation treatments for your whole body. Our facility and practices afford you a wide range of comprehensive services, all focused on achieving and sustaining your well-being. To get started schedule a Personal Consultation or call us at, toll free, 877-341-1337.

We tailor our treatments by starting with the body of scientific evidence specific to your given conditions. We only use therapies that have been demonstrated to have minimal or no side effects. Our IV infusions have crafted in consultation with some of the world's leading authorities in this field of medicine. We know that certain people harbor uneasiness about IV Nutrition injections because of the use needles, but we do everything we can to present a warm, comfortable, relaxing environment for you. Your experience will very nearly pain-free.

Here are some facts about Palo Alto that you might know already
Palo Alto, California,incorporated in 1894, Palo Alto derived its name from a majestic coastal redwood tree (called "El Palo Alto") found along San Francisquito Creek, a settlement spot of early Spanish explorers. Known as the "Birthplace of the Silicon Valley", Palo Alto is home to the garage that housed the launch of the Hewlett Packard Corporation. Today Palo Alto boasts more than 6,000 businesses including several innovative technological firms residing in the Stanford Research Park. However, Palo Alto is perhaps best known as the home of Stanford University, although technically the school is not located within the city limits.



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