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Hormone Therapy Specialists in San Jose

Are you looking for hormone therapy in San Jose, activembv is the best choice. You can improve your energy levels and overall vitality by adopting hormone replacement as part of your regular routine. Hormone replacement therapy helps achieve this by restoring your body´s optimum functioning, so you regain youthful levels of vibrancy. Hormone therapy´s key is that modifies your metabolic and hormonal balance, restoring them to optimal levels, so your body is its strongest, healthiest and most efficient.

It has been demonstrated scientifically that you can improve your energy and vibrancy by incorporating hormone replacement into your life routine. Hormone replacement therapy helps restore your body to optimum functioning, so you regain youthful levels of vitality. Benefits include: Improvement in energy and psychological well being; Decrease in body fat and increase in lean muscle mass and more.

Our founders, Kenneth Rebong, M.D. and Marie Anson-Rebong, M.D. at Active Mind & Body Vitality Center LLC had a vision to create a medical spa facility in San Jose that provides rejuvenation treatments for your whole body. Our facility and practices afford you a wide range of comprehensive services, all focused on achieving and sustaining your well-being. To get started schedule a Personal Consultation or call us at, toll free, 877-341-1337.

We tailor your hormone replacement treatments by beginning with laboratory testing to determine where your hormonal deficiencies lie. This guides us in the type and amount of hormones—primarily estrogen, progesterone and testosterone for women, and testosterone for men—to administer. We then implement regular monitoring to ensure your success. We watch carefully for improvements and interview you for your feedback. This partnership is a key to your enhanced well-being over time.

Here are some facts about San Jose that you might know already
San Jose is the third-largest city in California, the tenth-largest in the United States, and the county seat of Santa Clara County. It is located at the southern end of San Francisco Bay. The San Jose/Silicon Valley area is the population center of the greater San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland Combined Statistical Area (CSA), a region of nearly 7.5 million people.



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