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A very good definition of what we do is the strict meaning about Wellness in the dictionary:

"An approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases"

There are many definitions and approaches about Alternative Medicine. We have been studied several treatments and after many years of experience we have developed a wide range of procedures that will reverse the signs of aging.

Beyond wellness and prevention is an opportunity for optimal health and vitality that will assist you in living a life of quality as long as possible. Active Mind & Body Vitality Center LLC offer a variety of treatments to help you find your optimal health level so you can stay active and enjoy vitality (learn more about weight loss here!).

Here at AMB Vitality Center, we look at aging as a process with causes that need to be identified and addressed. Aging is a combination of Hormonal and Nutritional decline associated with an increase in Inflammation and Toxins in the body.

Please take a look of our effective treatments:

Hormonal Balance
Optimal Brain Function- Mind to Body Communication
BioPhotonic Scanner
Weight Loss and Nutrition Programs
Intravenous Nutrition and Treatments
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